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MS Society fundraising materials

As an MS Society fundraiser, you have access to our range of branded fundraising materials. Many of these items are free to order; including our most popular MS Society merchandise and those items you need to ensure your activities meet our legal requirements. For example, you can order collector authorisation cards to make sure your collectors are identifiable, and free collection tins with seals to protect your team from cash handling concerns.

  1. See our guidelines on safe and legal fundraising

Free fundraising materials

  • Orange MS Society t-shirts
  • Balloons and balloon sticks
  • Hand held flags
  • Bunting
  • Pens, lapel pin badges, wrist bands and trolley keyrings
  • Collecting buckets, lids and seals
  • All handheld and static collecting tins, chains, seals and labels
  • Collector authorisation cards
  • Lapel stickers
  • Collection envelopes
  1. Find out more about free fundraising materials

Ordering fundraising materials

All fundraising materials are available to order via our online shop. Your group should have an activity account for ordering fundraising items.

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Any questions?

If you have questions about branded fundraising materials, contact the Supporter Care Team.

  1. Go to contact details for the Supporter Care Team

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