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Fundraising basics

Fundraisers Russell and Iestyn share their experiences and top tips, gleaned from working with our volunteers and supporters. We recommend you view this in full screen and in Google Chrome. Please read our instructions on how to use this presentation.

If you prefer to read this presentation offline, a distance learning pack is available.

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Representing the MS Society

Whenever you take part in fundraising on behalf of, or in aid of, the MS Society, you represent our goals, values and standards.

  1. Find out more about representing the MS Society

Our fundraising standards

Your fundraising must meet our fundraising standards and the legal requirements of the fundraising sector.

  1. Learn about our fundraising standards

Fundraising finances

Claiming Gift Aid, understanding VAT and corporate sponsorship, and dealing with earmarked and restricted funds are important financial matters when fundraising.

  1. Familiarise yourself with fundraising finances

Your fundraising plan

By putting together a fundraising plan, you'll get a clear idea of what you're raising funds for, how much you need to raise, and which methods to use.

  1. See our fundraising planning tools

Recruiting a fundraising team

At the MS Society, we deliver impact through our volunteers. Our amazing fundraising team includes everyone from volunteers who coordinate the fundraising activities of their group, to those who cheer at fundraising events.

  1. Learn how to recruit a fundraising team

Supporting our national work

You may be fundraising to support the delivery of wider local and national services and MS Society objectives, or you may plan to contribute your group's excess funds.

  1. Find out how your fundraising can support our national work

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