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Publicising your fundraising

The success of your fundraising will depend on how well you promote it on an ongoing basis.

Your communication plan

For each of the fundraising activities you plan to run, you’ll need to think about:

Who you need to contact

  • Potential participants
  • Members and other supporters
  • Local press and radio
  • Community groups

What you’re going to tell them

  • What the activity is
  • When and where it’s happening
  • How their support helps the MS Society
  • Who to contact to get involved

When to contact them

  • Give people enough notice
  • Dripfeed information - don’t just tell people once
  • Make sure you thank everyone afterwards

Where you’ll promote your activity

  • MS Society group newsletter, web pages and social media
  • Libraries, community spaces, supermarket notice boards
  • Local press and radio

How to promote it

  • Via your MS Society group email address
  • Press release
  • Posters, flyers and leaflets

Helpful resources

  1. Learn about representing the MS Society
  2. See more on using MS Society group email
  3. Follow our guidelines on using our brand
  4. Learn about using social media
  5. Find out how to use web to print to produce promotional materials
  6. See our publicity advice
  7. Download a fundraising activity press release template
  8. Find out why and how we thank our supporters

  9. Back to developing fundraising relationships