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Fundraising in partnership

Partnership fundraising is when an organisation, rather than an individual, fundraises with us, or directly funds a specific MS Society project. There are four main types of partnership fundraising:

Grant giving trusts and statutory funders

Grantmaking trusts and foundations exist solely to make grants to meet their agreed charitable purposes. You can apply to any local trust where the MS Society is not able to apply nationally.

  1. Find out more about applying to a local trust

Corporate fundraising

Corporate fundraising is when an organisation agrees to fundraise for the MS Society. This may be handled by the MS National Centre or an MS Society group if the relationship is a local one. An organisation may support us in a variety of ways:

  • One-off donation
  • One-off fundraiser (e.g. Cake Break)
  • Offering their employees as volunteers
  • ‘Charity of the year’ partnership

Charity of the year

Securing a Charity of the Year partnership can be good for the MS Society in many ways.

  1. See our guidance on securing a Charity of the Year partnership

Schools and universities

Often schools and universities will support a charity for the whole academic year, so it’s a good idea to approach them in September. Offer to give a talk at a meeting or assembly, or invite your addressee to visit one of your activities so that they can see for themselves how you make a difference locally.

School events need to be fun for pupils and easy for teachers to organise - Cake Break fits the bill. Other ideas include:

  • A dress down day
  • A dress orange day
  • A stall at the school fete
  • Collecting at a school concert
  1. Use our template letters for writing to schools and universities for support
  2. Download an MS Society letterhead template

Staying safe and legal

School events must be confirmed in writing by the lead teacher and communicated to children and their parents.

  1. See our guidance on keeping school events legal and safe

Community groups

These can include Freemasons, Rotarians, Lions Clubs, Inner Wheel and Soroptimists, to name some of the more well known groups. All are committed to charitable work and will sometimes choose to support the MS Society with a donation or volunteer assistance.

Cake Break is very popular with these groups and the money raised can be earmarked either for your group, or national funds.

  1. Use our template letter for writing to community groups

Any questions?

If you have questions about fundraising in partnership, contact the member of staff who supports you.

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