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Local campaigning

Our Local Campaigns Volunteers deliver impact by campaigning to bring about changes in policy, practice, levels of understanding and awareness of MS locally.

We've put together some resources to support you to campaign effectively.

Campaigning basics

Find out about the importance of your role in representing the MS Society, learn more about becoming a Local Campaigns Volunteer and how to access MS Society branded materials.

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Our Campaigns Community

Our Campaigns Community is a 21,000 strong network of people with an interest in campaigning on MS related issues. Find out what they do and how you can get involved.

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Local campaigning support

Regional/External Relations Officers (R/EROs) and the Campaigns Team are here to work with you on local campaigns. Find out how to contact them.

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Local Campaigning Toolkit

Our Local Campaigning Toolkit includes everything you need to plan a campaign, involve local decision makers, work with local press and mobilise your local community.

  1. See our Local Campaigning Toolkit

Tell us about your campaigns

By keeping in touch about your campaigns, you help us to share best practice, develop the support we offer locally, build a national picture of campaign issues and develop relationships with decision makers.

  1. Find out more on telling us about your campaigns

Local campaigning pilots

Throughout 2017, we will be testing different ways to help you campaign for change where you live.

  1. Find out about our local campaigning pilots

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