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Local campaigning support

Whether you are engaged in local campaigning as part of an MS Society group or as an individual, our staff teams are here to support you.

Regional/ External Relations Officers

Regional/External Relations Officers (R/EROs) work alongside Local Campaigning Volunteers to:

  • Give you tips and guidance on campaigning locally
  • Put you in touch with other groups, stakeholders or organisations that might want to support your campaign
  • Keep you up-to-date with national policy changes and campaigns
  • Where appropriate, work with you to take forward a local campaign
  1. Get in touch with your local R/ERO

Campaigns Team

The Campaigns Team at MS National Centre works nationally and locally to keep MS issues on policy-makers’ agendas. They support Local Campaigns Volunteers on specific campaigns.

  1. Contact the Campaigns Team

Press Office

Our Press Office is here to ensure we all generate great quality coverage for the MS Society. You should keep them informed of your publicity activities.

  1. Go to Press Office contact details

Supporter Care Team

The Supporter Care Team is your point of contact for general queries to most MS Society departments.

  1. Find out more about the Supporter Care Team

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