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Developing fundraising relationships

Asking for donations

Donations are one of the most common ways for MS Society groups to raise funds. This can include regular Direct Debits, celebration gifts, in memory and legacies, and business donations.

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Fundraising in partnership

Partnership fundraising is when an organisation, rather than an individual, fundraises with us, or directly funds a specific MS Society project.

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Applying to a local trust

Grantmaking trusts and foundations exist solely to make grants to meet their agreed charitable purposes. You can apply to any local trust where the MS Society is not able to apply nationally.

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Publicising your fundraising

The success of your fundraising will depend on how well you promote it on an ongoing basis.

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Thanking your supporters

Saying thank you to the people who raise money for us, and for every donation we get, is one of the most important parts of fundraising.

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