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Ways to fundraise

Street and store collections

You’ll need permission to collect in the street or places like supermarkets, shops and garden centres.

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Organise a fundraising event

Running an event is a fun and memorable way to raise money. Whether it’s a coffee morning, quiz night or raffle, a fundraising event is a great excuse for you and your supporters to get together.

  1. See our event planning resources

Lotteries and raffles

Raffles and lotteries are similar fundraising methods, in that people pay to enter and win prizes allocated through chance.

  1. Find out how to run a lottery or raffle

National fundraising opportunities

Every year, thousands of people take part in Cake Break, our flagship fundraising event, and many others sign up for sponsored activities organised by the MS Society nationally. Fundraisers can ask for their funds to be earmarked for your MS Society group.

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