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Our communicators and campaigners

Our communicators and campaigners mobilise, engage and coordinate activities to raise our profile and influence changes that benefit people affected by MS throughout the UK.

Our communication and campaigning roles

All of our volunteer roles have a dedicated role page that includes:

  • A role description
  • Welcome and induction checklist
  • Learning opportunities
  • Links to key resources

Click on any communication and campaigning role to go to the role page.

Local roles

You may communicate with people affected by MS as part of an MS Society group that delivers local services and activities.

  1. Communications Volunteer

Other group roles

Our Communications Volunteers support the delivery of services and activities for people affected by MS as part of an MS Society group, alongside dynamic local service organisers, inspiring fundraisers and knowledgeable support volunteers.

  1. See our full range of group roles
  2. Contact your Local Networks Officer for more on how our groups operate

Local campaigning pilots

We currently have several pilots running to help us to learn how we can best support volunteers to influence local decision makers, build effective campaigns and recruit new supporters.

  1. Find our more about our local campaigning pilots

National roles

Your role may support one or more of our national campaigns or key communications.

  1. Multimedia Volunteer

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