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Our local service organisers

13,000 people affected by MS accessed information, support and services delivered by volunteers through our network of local groups last year. Our local service organisers are vital to ensuring this support is available throughout the UK.

Our local service organiser roles

All of our volunteer roles have a dedicated role page that includes:

  • A role description
  • Welcome and induction checklist
  • Learning opportunities
  • Links to key resources

Click on any local service organiser role to go to the role page.

Required roles

If your MS Society group delivers services and activities, you must set up a Coordinating Team that includes the following two roles, and at least one other:

  1. Group Coordinator
  2. Finance Volunteer

Additional local service organiser roles

  1. Activities Organiser
  2. Administration Volunteer
  3. Health and Safety Volunteer
  4. Property Volunteer
  5. Transport Volunteer

Other group roles

Our local service organisers deliver services and activities for people affected by MS as part of an MS Society group, alongside inspiring fundraisers, compelling communicators and knowledgeable support volunteers.

  1. See our full range of group roles
  2. Contact your Local Networks Officer for more on how our groups operate

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