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Our volunteer fundraisers

Around 5,000 people are diagnosed with MS every year – that’s 100 a week. Our volunteer fundraisers support us to generate vital funding to progress research, influence change and deliver local services across the UK.

Our fundraising roles

All of our volunteer roles have a dedicated role page that includes:

  • A role description
  • Welcome and induction checklist
  • Learning opportunities
  • Links to key resources

Click on any fundraising role to go to the role page.

Local fundraising roles

You may fundraise as part of an MS Society group that delivers local services and activities for people affected by MS.

  1. Fundraising Volunteer
  2. Fundraising Events Volunteer
  3. Shop Volunteer

Other group roles

Our local fundraisers raise funds to support the delivery of services and activities for people affected by MS as part of an MS Society group, alongside dynamic local service organisers, compelling communicators and knowledgeable support volunteers.

  1. See our full range of group roles
  2. Contact your Local Networks Officer for more on how our groups operate

Fundraising group roles

You may volunteer as part of a dedicated fundraising group that generates funds for local and national MS Society projects.

  1. Fundraising Group Coordinator
  2. Fundraising Volunteer
  3. Fundraising Events Volunteer

Contact your Area Fundraiser or National Fundraising Manager for more on how our fundraising groups operate.

National fundraising roles

Alternatively, your role may support one or more of our national fundraising initiatives.

  1. Fundraising Events Volunteer

Contact the Supporter Care Team for more on our national fundraising initiatives.

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