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Organising Stop MS events

Stop MS is our highest profile campaign ever.

Organising a Stop MS research talk is a great way for your group to increase awareness of MS and connect with your local MS community.

  1. Stop MS research talks
  2. Support to organise a Stop MS research talk
  3. Stop MS Champions

Stop MS research talks

Throughout the year, our Research Team is delivering talks across the UK to local groups and at Living with MS events. These sessions cover the science behind MS, our work to develop new symptom management strategies and the latest developments in treatment research – as well as giving people a chance to put their own questions to our Research Team.

  1. Read our Stop MS Appeal Research Story

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Support to organise a Stop MS research talk

The Research Team is working with our Local Networks Team to ensure we reach as many people as possible – if you would like to host a talk at your local group, please speak with your Local Network Officer. You can also check out talks happening near you on our website, and find out more about how to organise an event where you are.

  1. Get contact details for your Local Networks Officer
  2. Download our Stop MS presentation
  3. Learn about organising an event
  4. Search for talks near you

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Stop MS Champions

There may also be a Stop MS Champion in your area - an MS community representative volunteer whose role is to raise the profile of our appeal by giving Stop MS presentations to interested audiences and representing us at key Stop MS events.

  1. Find out more about our Stop MS Champion role
  2. Download our Stop MS Appeal presentation
  3. Contact your Fundraising Support for more information about Stop MS Champions

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