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Spreading the word about Stop MS

We believe we can stop MS, and you can help.

We want everyone to spread the word about Stop MS, to increase awareness and reach people who do not yet support the MS Society.

  1. Talk about Stop MS in your newsletter
  2. Spread the word on social media
  3. Share with local press
  4. Stop MS Champions

Talk about Stop MS in your newsletter

Throughout the Stop MS Appeal, we'll send regular updates to all local groups. Your Local Networks Officer (LNO) will send these to you in your monthly group update.

We'll send information about how the appeal is going and how you can get your local MS community involved. You can use MS Society Designs to design a Stop MS branded newsletter to share these updates with your MS community.

  1. Find out more about MS Society Designs
  2. See our Stop MS key messages and logo

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Spread the word on social media

Using social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can help your group spread the word about Stop MS to even more people.

  1. Download Stop MS social media assets
  2. See our tips on using social media

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Share with local press

If you’re putting on an exciting fundraising event for our Stop MS Appeal and want to spread the word locally, we have a simple press and publicity toolkit with everything you need to help you to engage with local press.

Our press and publicity toolkit includes press release templates and examples of what makes a good story, catchy headlines and tips on how to contact the media.

  1. See our press and publicity toolkit

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Stop MS Champions

There may also be a Stop MS Champion in your area - an MS community representative volunteer whose role is to raise the profile of our appeal. They may do this by:

  • Influencing and inspiring people to fundraise for Stop MS
  • Giving Stop MS presentations to interested audiences
  • Developing Stop MS supporter networks outside your group
  1. Find out more about our Stop MS Champion role
  2. Download our Stop MS Appeal presentation
  3. Contact your Fundraising Support for more information about Stop MS Champions

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