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Group Handbook

Our network of volunteer groups is one of our major strengths.

Our groups bring people affected by MS together locally, supporting them to be physically active, have access to information, get appropriate emotional support and feel part of a community.

Group Handbook

Our Group Handbook is for all MS Society groups that provide an opportunity to meet together every so often, help raise funds for our work, or deliver services and activities for people affected by MS.

Download the entire handbook below, or individual sections as you need them.

  1. Group Handbook - full version

Part A - Group basics

This part includes everything you need to meet our requirements for all groups.

  1. A1 - Introduction and overview
  2. A2 - Requirements, support, tools and resources
  3. A3 - Our values and how we deal with problems
  4. A4 - Our legal identity, policies and rules
  5. A5 - Health, safety and wellbeing
  6. A6 - Handling data
  7. A7 - Keeping in touch

Part B - If your group handles money and provides services and activities

This part covers our additional requirements for groups that do these things.

  1. B1 - Availability, contact and communication
  2. B2 - Using our brand
  3. B3 - Giving information
  4. B4 - Managing your finances
  5. B5 - Fundraising
  6. B6 - Planning and delivering quality services and activities

Part C - Running your group

This part supports you to develop your team of volunteers, plan and organise activities, and work with membership data.

  1. C1 - Volunteering with us
  2. C2 - Disclosure checks
  3. C3 - Your Coordinating Team
  4. C4 - Membership administration

Part D - Optional additional services

Although they are not requirements, we know that certain services have a positive impact on people affected by MS, and we encourage our groups to provide them.

  1. D1 - Offering MS Support


  1. Appendix 1 - Volunteer website resource index
  2. Appendix 2 - Sources of support
  3. Appendix 3 - MS Society rules for groups
  4. Appendix 4 - MS Society financial rules for groups
  5. Appendix 5 - Code of Fundraising Practice in summary

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