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Availability, contact and communication

If your group handles money and delivers services and activities, we expect your group to be available to all people affected by multiple sclerosis (MS) in the area, be easy to contact, regularly communicate with members, and ensure information about MS and MS Society services and activities is available to everyone in your community.

See Group Handbook B1: Availability, contact and communication

Being available to all

Being available to all means:

  • People affected by MS in the area know about your group
  • Your services and activities are accessible to all
  1. Learn about Being available to all

Contact methods

We want all of our groups to be easy to contact and provide guidance and support to enable you to do so.

  1. Find out more about using our Contact methods

Communicating with our members

If your group handles money and delivers services and activities, you have access to personal data about MS Society members within the area who have agreed for their details to be shared with you.

  1. See our guidance on Communicating with our members

Press and publicity advice

Publicising your activities via local newspapers and radio can help raise awareness of MS, increase the profile of your group and attract new volunteers.

  1. Get advice on Press and publicity

Need support?

Your Local Networks Officer is here to support your group’s availability, contact and communication activities.

  1. Get contact details for your Local Networks Officer

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