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Being available to all

If your MS Society group handles money and delivers services and activities, you must be available to all people affected by MS in the area.

See Group Handbook B1: Availability, contact and communication

Being available to all means:

  • People affected by MS in the area know about your group
  • Your services and activities are accessible to all
  1. Promoting your group
  2. Being accessible to all
  3. Need support?

Promoting your group

MS Society Designs

MS Society Designs enables your group to produce posters and other promotional materials from our range of branded templates with space for your event details.

MS Society Designs includes a bank of images with consent already on file. You can use these images with confidence that they meet our data requirements.

  1. Find out more about Using MS Society Designs

Services and activities on the Portal

The ‘services and activities’ tab on the Portal is our record of all services, activities and events delivered by MS Society groups throughout the UK.

Services and activities listed on the Portal are automatically published on our website. Maintaining this information on the Portal enables you to publicise your activities and keep us informed about what your group offers – a requirement for all our groups.

Whenever a person contacts the MS Helpline or our Supporter Care Team, the information we provide will be what is held on the Portal.

  1. Find out more about Using the Portal

Being accessible to all

All venues used by your group to deliver services and activities must be physically accessible.

  1. Use our Access Audit to confirm your venues meet our accessibility standards

Accessibility can also mean that a service or activity is available by phone as well as face to face, or that transport is available, if required.

  1. See our Minibus administration requirements

Need support?

Your Local Networks Officer is here to support you to promote your group and set up services and activities that are accessible to all.

  1. Get contact details for your Local Networks Officer

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