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Communicating with our members

If your group handles money and delivers services and activities, you have access to personal data about MS Society members within the area who have agreed for their details to be shared with you.

See Group Handbook B1: Availability, contact and communication

You can use membership data to write to them, give them news about your group, and invite them to events and activities, by post and email.

  1. Communications Volunteers
  2. What should we tell people about?
  3. Disclaimer
  4. Advertising and sponsorship
  5. Accessing membership data
  6. Need support?

Communications Volunteers

Your Coordinating Team may choose to recruit one or more Communications Volunteers to coordinate your group’s communication with our members.

  1. Find out more about our Communications Volunteers

What should we tell people about?

  • How to contact your group by post, phone, email and online
  • The activities you offer
  • How you fundraise
  • Your events
  • Your volunteering opportunities
  • News about MS and the MS Society
  • Information about local MS and community services


Whenever your group signposts people to products, information or services provided by other organisations, such as in a newsletter or email, you must include our disclaimer.

  1. See our Disclaimer

MS Society Designs

MS Society Designs enables your group to produce posters and other promotional materials from our range of branded templates with space for your event details. Our disclaimer is already included on MS Society Design templates.

MS Society Designs includes a bank of images with consent already on file. You can use these images with confidence that they meet our data requirements.

  1. Find out more about using MS Society Designs

Advertising and sponsorship

Selling advertising space in a communication is not normally acceptable, but acknowledging a donation is fine, provided you do not show the company logo.

  1. Learn about Managing your finances

Accessing membership data

The Portal allows volunteers in certain roles to access membership data and download it as an Excel spreadsheet or as a PDF to print out labels. And because it is updated overnight, Portal membership data will always be current.

  1. See Handling data for your responsibilities when handling personal data, emails, images and stories

Each time you use the Portal to download membership data as an Excel spreadsheet or PDF, you will be asked to confirm the reason for the download. You must not use this downloaded data for any other purpose.

You will be prompted to protect the file with a password. You must not share this file password with anyone who is not in an authorised volunteer role.

  1. Find out more about using the Portal

Need support?

Our Supporter Care Team is here to help you with queries about communicating with our members.

  1. Get contact details for the Supporter Care Team

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