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Your Coordinating Team

If your group handles money and delivers services and activities, we expect you to set up a Coordinating Team that meets to review your group's finances, plan services and activities and make decisions.

See Group Handbook C3: Your Coordinating Team

  1. Coordinating Team responsibilities
  2. Who should be on the team?
  3. Named service teams
  4. Employing staff
  5. Need support?

Coordinating Team responsibilities

Your Coordinating Team shares a responsibility for ensuring that the services and activities provided by your group reflect our charitable objects, and that all MS Society funds and assets under its control are used solely for this purpose.

  1. Learn about Managing your finances
  2. Find out what your Team meetings should cover
  3. See our guidance on handling Decision making concerns

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Who should be on the team?

Your Coordinating Team must include a Group Coordinator, a Finance Volunteer and a minimum of one other volunteer.

You can invite other group volunteers to join your Coordinating Team as part of their role, but they are not required to do so.

Your Coordinating Team must all be current MS Society members and aged 18 or over. No more than two members of a family can join your Coordinating Team.

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Named service teams

Your Coordinating Team may set up one or more named service teams to take responsibility for developing specific services and activities. For example, you may set up a 'seated exercise team' or a 'grants team'.

All named service teams are accountable to the Coordinating Team and a representative should attend team meetings regularly to report on and review the service or activity they are responsible for.

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Employing staff

A small number of MS Society groups employ staff, but we do not recommend that your group does so. Employing staff involves taking on significant legal obligations and large amounts of additional administration.

Creating and filling paid roles should only be done after serious consideration and with a solid understanding of the legal obligations and liabilities involved.

If your MS Society group is considering employing staff, you must involve your Volunteer Support Officer from the start.

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Need support?

Your Local Networks Officer is here to supporting your Coordinating Team to develop services and activities in your MS community.

  1. Get contact details for your Volunteer Support Officer

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