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Concerns about decision making

The decisions made by your Coordinating Team should be informed by our local priorities and the needs of your MS community.

We do not expect you to experience difficulties, but if an issue occurs, you should follow our process for dealing with problems.

  1. Go to Dealing with problems for our process and policies

We have two additional policies to address concerns that may be raised about your decision making process.

Conflicts of interest

A conflict of interest is any situation in which your personal interests, or the loyalty you owe to another person or organisation, could influence, or appear to influence, a decision you are involved in making.

We all share a responsibility for declaring any conflicts of interest or potential conflicts of interest, and ensuring that we do not take part in discussions or decisions made on that subject.

Accepting gifts and hospitality

These are our guidelines for accepting gifts or hospitality given or offered by a company, organisation or person:

  • Small gifts from companies or people up to a value of £25 such as stationery, mugs, books, flowers and chocolate may be accepted, but they need to be declared to your Coordinating Team to prevent a conflict of interest from arising.

  • Cash, gift vouchers, paid holidays and use of company flats or facilities must be refused under all circumstances.

Need support?

Contact your Local Networks Officer if you have a concern about making decisions.

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