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Handling data

We are all responsible for protecting the privacy of individuals and their right to control the ways we use their personal information, in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

See Group Handbook A6: Handling data

  1. Our Data Protection Policy
  2. Data protection basics
  3. Data rules
  4. Keeping personal data safe
  5. Using membership data
  6. How long should we keep personal data?
  7. Sharing personal data
  8. Need support?

Our Data Protection Policy

We have a detailed Data Protection Policy and Privacy Notice in place to ensure we fulfil our legal data protection requirements, and protect you from personal liability, provided that you follow our guidance.

  1. Download our Data Protection Policy
  2. See our Privacy Notice

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Data protection basics

Data protection basics include what we mean when we talk about ‘processing data’, the types of personal data we hold, the rights of individuals, and the different ways your volunteer role may bring you into contact with personal data.

  1. Go to Data protection basics

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Data rules

Our rules for handling data ensure we always comply with the GDPR. They cover your responsibilities when processing written data, emails, images and stories.

  1. See our Data rules

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Keeping personal data safe

The GDPR applies to both paper and electronically stored personal data and you must ensure that both are kept safe and secure at all times.

A ‘data breach’ is any situation where personal data is made insecure. We are required to inform the Information Commissioner’s Office of a breach within 72 hours of any volunteer or member of staff becoming aware of it.

  1. Learn about Keeping personal data safe

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Using membership data

Membership data is the personal information we hold about MS Society members. This section includes the importance of only using current membership data, who can access it, and how.

  1. Find out more about Using membership data
  2. Learn about Membership administration

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How long should we keep personal data?

The GDPR requires us to keep data for no longer than is necessary. You must follow our rules for different types of data and dispose of it securely.

  1. See our guidance on How long to keep personal data

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Sharing personal data

There are specific situations when you are permitted to share personal data with others. If you do so, you must follow our rules.

  1. Find out more about Sharing personal data

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Need support?

Our Data Governance Team is here to make sure we all meet our personal data, information handling and record keeping obligations. Contact us for help with any data compliance questions you may have.

  1. Get contact details for our Data Governance Team

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