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Giving information

We want everyone affected by MS to have easy access to the latest evidence based information and specialist support.

If your group handles money and provides services and activities, we expect you to ensure that information about MS and MS Society services and activities is available to everyone in your community.

See Group Handbook B3: Giving information

Information giving and your role

Your group may choose to recruit one or more volunteers to coordinate your information provision:

  1. Administration Volunteer
  2. Communications Volunteer
  3. Lead Support Volunteer
  4. Support Volunteer

Making MS Society information available

We produce a range of award winning information about living with MS. We need our groups to make it available to everyone affected by multiple sclerosis (MS) in the area.

  1. Find out more about Making MS Society information available

Organising events

Organising an event provides a great opportunity for people to get together, discuss current issues, and learn the latest information about MS. It can also be a fun and exciting way to raise money.

  1. Learn about Organising events

Giving information about grants

We provide financial grants to people affected by MS for things they feel will make a positive impact on their life. If your group handles money and delivers services and activities, you must ensure that information about our national grants programme is available to all people affected by MS within your community.

  1. Giving information about Our national grant funds

Signposting to key local services

We want all groups that handle money and deliver services and activities to maintain a list of key local services to signpost to when dealing with information enquiries.

  1. See our guidance on Signposting to key local services

Need support?

Our MS Helpline offers emotional support and information to anyone affected by MS in the UK. You can ask them for help with individual enquiries and share the MS Helpline contact details with anyone you think could benefit.

MS Helpline
Tel: 0808 800 8000
Email: [email protected]

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