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Our legal identity, policies and rules

Our legal identity, policies and rules set out how to legally represent the MS Society, and the policies and rules we must all follow.

See Group Handbook A4: Our legal identity, policies and rules

Our legal identity

Our legal identity includes our charity and company registration details, our charitable objects and the authority that is delegated to our volunteer groups by the Board of Trustees.

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Policies and documents

Policies are official documents that support the way we work. Our policies are set by our Executive Group and/or by the Board of Trustees and form the basis of the systems and procedures we follow.

Our key documents set out our legal identity and report on our achievements. You may be asked to provide these when applying for funding or working in partnership with other organisations.

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Group rules

As an MS Society group, you must follow all of our rules that apply to running your group, managing your finances and fundraising.

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