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Rules for groups

We have rules you must follow to implement our policies and meet our legal requirements.

See Group Handbook A4: Our legal identity, policies and rules

Group rules

Our Group Handbook sets out the rules for running an MS Society group.

  1. See our Group Handbook

Where we use the word ‘must’ in the Group Handbook, it means a specific rule that you must comply with. Where we use the words ‘good to’ or ‘we recommend’, these indicate our suggested best approach.

  1. See Group Handbook Appendix 3: MS Society group rules
  2. Ask your Local Networks Officer for help

Financial rules

If your group handles money, you must follow our financial rules.

These rules are to ensure your group meets the legal requirements that apply to us as a charity, and that we all maintain appropriate controls to safeguard the use of the MS Society's charitable assets.

  1. See Group Handbook Appendix 4: MS Society financial rules
  2. Ask the Finance Support Team for help

Code of Fundraising Practice

The Fundraising Regulator sets and maintains the standards for charitable fundraising and holds the Code of Fundraising Practice for the UK. All of our fundraising activities must comply with the Code. This includes how we deal with complaints about fundraising.

  1. See Group Handbook Appendix 5: Code of Fundraising Practice in summary
  2. Ask your Area Fundraiser for help

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