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Policies and documents

Our policies and documents are official papers that support the way we work, set out our legal identity and report on our achievements.

See Group Handbook A4: Our legal identity, policies and rules


Our policies are adopted by the Board of Trustees and form the basis of the systems and procedures we follow.

  1. Comments, compliments and complaints
  2. Conflicts of interest and potential conflicts of interest
  3. Data protection
  4. Dignity at work
  5. Disclosure (England and Wales)
  6. Disclosure (Northern Ireland)
  7. Disclosure (Scotland)
  8. Diversity
  9. Equal opportunities
  10. Expenses
  11. Health and safety
  12. Lone working and volunteering
  13. Personal care
  14. Privacy
  15. Resolving volunteer issues and concerns
  16. Safeguarding adults (England and Wales)
  17. Safeguarding adults (Northern Ireland)
  18. Safeguarding adults (Scotland)
  19. Safeguarding children and young people (England, Northern Ireland and Wales)
  20. Safeguarding children and young people (Scotland)
  21. Volunteer involvement
  22. Whistleblowing
  23. Working with pharmaceutical and medical device industries

Key documents

You may be asked to provide these documents when applying for funding or working in partnership with other organisations.

  1. Together to beat MS: our strategy 2015 to 2019
  2. MS Society constitution
  3. Stronger together to stop MS: our achievements in 2016
  4. MS Society annual report and accounts 2015

Need support?

Contact our Supporter Care Team to request printed copies of MS Society policies or documents.

  1. Get contact details for the Supporter Care Team

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