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Roles, tasks and references

We recruit all group roles with our agreed recruitment process, using our volunteer application form, role descriptions and recruitment guidance.

See Group Handbook C1 - Volunteering with us

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  2. Tasks
  3. Taking up references
  4. Our minimum age requirement
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We make our selection based on whether a role meets an applicant’s aspirations, is within their capabilities, and suits the time they want to give us. Some roles require a disclosure check and character reference.

  1. Download our guide to Agreeing the role

Our role descriptions

Our volunteer role descriptions set out what a volunteer can expect from us, and what we expect from them. Before a volunteer gets started in a new role, we agree our shared terms so everyone knows what to expect.

Our shared terms reflect our organisational values, our Code of Conduct, and our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

  1. Find a detailed description for each of our roles here

  2. Find out more about Our values and how we deal with problems


Each of our volunteer role descriptions includes a list of tasks. During recruitment and selection, you can choose to remove any tasks that a volunteer either doesn’t want to do, isn’t equipped to carry out, or that someone else is already doing.

As a Group Coordinator or Fundraising Group Coordinator, you are responsible for ensuring that particular tasks are covered by someone and that each volunteer’s wellbeing is considered before they take on additional responsibilities.

Sharing roles

How the various tasks in a role description are shared between volunteers is up to you and the person considering the role. For example, our Activities Organiser role could be split between two or three people if that's what works for your group and the range of activities you deliver.

  1. Learn more about Developing services and activities


Your group must not split either the Group Coordinator or Finance Volunteer role between more than two people. This is to ensure the volunteers taking on these roles have adequate oversight of the tasks they share.

  1. See our guidance for Coordinating Teams

Primary and secondary roles

In addition to their primary role, a volunteer may take on a secondary role to support another group function. You should work through the appropriate role description and welcome and induction checklist to ensure they understand what the additional role involves and the support available to them.

  1. Find out more about Welcome and induction

Taking up references

All volunteers that carry out tasks on a particular role (whether as a primary, secondary or shared role) must complete the reference checks required of that role.

Disclosure checks

Government disclosure services help organisations identify people who shouldn't have roles that involve contact with children or vulnerable adults. This can include adults with MS when they take part in certain activities.

This means that volunteers in certain roles must have a disclosure check before they get started.

  1. Read our guidance on witnessing Disclosure checks

Personal references

We may ask for personal references to confirm a volunteer’s suitability for a particular role. We will contact the volunteer directly if this is the case.

Our minimum age requirement

We can only offer volunteering opportunities for individuals who are aged 18 or over.

Need support?

If your group provides services and activities, your Volunteer Support Officer is available to help you recruit volunteers. If you are part of a dedicated Fundraising Group, contact your Area Fundraiser for support.

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  2. Get contact details for your Area Fundraiser

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