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Understanding your volunteer needs

Before recruiting volunteers, we want you to think about the role they will play in helping us to meet the needs of people affected by MS.

See Group Handbook C1: Volunteering with us

We do this by clearly defining the commitments we make to our volunteers and what we expect of them, and supporting you to identify the roles that will best meet the needs of your community.

  1. Involving volunteers in our work
  2. Understanding the needs you are meeting
  3. Our volunteer roles

Involving volunteers in our work

Our volunteers deliver a huge proportion of our activity and are integral to our impact on the lives of people affected by MS.

In our Volunteering Agreement, we define a volunteer as:

"Anyone aged 18 or over who, without compensation or expectation of compensation (beyond reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses), performs a role at the direction of and on behalf of the MS Society."

  1. Download our Volunteering Agreement

Understanding the needs you are meeting

Coordinating Teams

If your group provides services and activities for people affected by MS, we want you to understand what is needed locally before you decide how to address it. This process will help your Coordinating Team to identify which volunteers you will need to recruit to provide great support in your community.

  1. Find out more about Developing services and activities
  2. Contact your Local Networks Officer for support to identify local need

Fundraising Groups

If you are a dedicated Fundraising Group, we want you to start by identifying the projects you plan to fund, and the activities that will enable you to meet your fundraising target. This process will help you work out which volunteers you will need to recruit to be successful.

  1. Learn more about Effective fundraising
  2. Contact your Area Fundraiser to find out about projects we’re currently fundraising for

Our volunteer roles

We offer lots of ways to be involved to suit our volunteers’ skills, experience, interests and time. This helps us develop effective recruitment campaigns that target the volunteers we need in the places they are likely to look.

  1. See our full range of Volunteer roles
  2. Find out more about Recruiting volunteers

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