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Reviewing your team

Each year, your group should put together a plan of what you hope to achieve, how you will fund your plan and who will be involved. Reviewing your team is a part of this process.

We also want all volunteers to have the opportunity to share feedback about their volunteering, both informally within their team, and more formally at reviews.

See Group Handbook C1: Volunteering with us

  1. Annual planning
  2. Regular reviews
  3. Need support?

Annual planning

We want you to regularly review your group’s activities, plan and budget for the future and ensure you have enough volunteers in the right roles to be successful.

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Regular reviews

As a Group Coordinator or Fundraising Group Coordinator, part of your role is to hold three yearly role reviews with each member of your team. Role reviews are an opportunity for your volunteers to discuss their volunteering experience and ensure that the role is still right for them and the group.

New volunteers

New volunteers should have their first review after six months. This review is to ‘check in’ with the volunteer to ensure they have settled into the role, have completed their induction and agree any further support.

Existing volunteers

We don’t expect existing volunteers who have moved to a new role to have a review after six months, but they should have the opportunity to discuss how they are finding their new role if they request it.

Need support?

If your group provides services and activities, your Local Networks Officer is available to help you review your team. If you are part of a dedicated Fundraising Group, contact your Area Fundraiser for support.

  1. Get contact details for your Local Networks Officer
  2. Get contact details for your Area Fundraiser

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