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Welcome, induction and training

We want all volunteers who are new to a role to know what to do and who can help, right from the start.

See Group Handbook C1 - Volunteering with us

  1. Welcoming new volunteers to the MS Society
  2. Welcome and induction checklists
  3. ‘Must do’ training
  4. Need support?

Welcoming new volunteers to the MS Society

Our Welcome Pack is for all volunteers newly joining us. It forms part of our welcome and induction to help them find about what we do and what volunteering with us is like.

We also have an online Welcome Resource to help new volunteers hit the ground running. It explains about our history, the work we do, how volunteers fit in and where they can find support.

  1. Download our guide to Welcoming and inducting volunteers
  2. See our Welcome Pack at Welcome to the MS Society
  3. Visit our Welcome Resource

Welcome and induction checklists

Our Welcome Pack contains a welcome and induction checklist, including links to key information to help your volunteers settle in and understand how their contribution helps us meet our organisational goals.

As a Group Coordinator or Fundraising Group Coordinator, you are responsible for working through the appropriate welcome and induction checklist with each new volunteer, or existing volunteer taking on a new role.

’Must do’ training

Some roles and tasks involve ‘must do’ training before a volunteer can start. This includes data protection online learning that must be completed before accessing personal data on our Portal.

‘Must do’ training can also be face to face, like our Support Volunteer Training for Lead Support Volunteers and Support Volunteers.

  1. Find out more about data protection online learning
  2. See an overview of Support Volunteer Training

How will I know if a volunteer needs to complete ‘must do’ training?

When you recruit a volunteer who has access to personal data on our Portal, they will be sent a link to complete data protection online learning before they can set up their Portal account.

If you recruit a Lead Support Volunteer or Support Volunteer, let your Volunteer Support Officer know so they can arrange Support Volunteer Training.

Need support?

If your group provides services and activities, your Volunteer Support Officer is available to help you welcome and induct volunteers. If you are part of a dedicated Fundraising Group, contact your Area Fundraiser for support.

When you recruit a new volunteer, inform your staff contact to ensure they are sent details of any ‘must do’ training.

  1. Get contact details for your Volunteer Support Officer
  2. Get contact details for your Area Fundraiser

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