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When a volunteer leaves

When the time comes for a volunteer to leave us, we make sure they know their time and commitment has been appreciated. We also give them the opportunity to give us feedback on volunteering with us and advise that, if they request one, we can provide a reference.

See Group Handbook C1 - Volunteering with us

  1. Our exit process
  2. Giving us feedback
  3. Ending a volunteer role
  4. Providing a reference
  5. Need support?

Our exit process

There are a number of steps we must all follow when a volunteer leaves us. We have different processes for group volunteers and volunteers in non-group roles.

  1. See our Exit process for local volunteers
  2. See our Exit process for non-local volunteers

Giving us feedback

Volunteers who are leaving will receive a thank you email inviting them to complete a short online survey. A thank you letter and a copy of the survey will be posted to volunteers without an email address.

Ending a volunteer role

You must be mindful of our data protection responsibilities when a volunteer leaves. As part of our exit process, you must ensure the leaving volunteer no longer has access to our online tools and other systems.

  1. Find out more about Handling data

Closing their record

Contact our Supporter Care Team to close their record on the Portal.

Changing your passwords

If the leaving volunteer has access to your group's online tools, you will need to change your account passwords when they leave:

  1. Online Accounting
  2. MS Society email
  3. Online Shop
  4. Web to Print
  5. Online Recruitment

Finance Volunteers and account signatories

If your Finance Volunteer or another account signatory leaves, you must contact our Finance Support Team to update your group's:

  • Bank account signatories
  • Correspondence address (Finance Volunteer only)
  • HMRC Gift Aid registration (Finance Volunteer only)

Providing a reference

A volunteer may ask us to provide a reference to support them to start training, employment or study. This should normally be provided by the volunteer or staff member who knows the individual best.

We only provide factual references. You must not give a subjective character reference on our behalf.

  1. Read our guide to Providing a volunteer reference
  2. Download our Volunteer reference letter template

Need support?

If your group provides services and activities, your Local Networks Officer is available to help you when a volunteer leaves. If you are part of a dedicated Fundraising Group, contact your Area Fundraiser for support.

  1. Get contact details for your Local Networks Officer
  2. Get contact details for your Area Fundraiser

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