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Delivering quality services

We need to make sure that what we are providing locally through our groups is of benefit to people affected by MS and meets their needs (is impactful).

See Group Handbook B6: Planning and delivering quality services and activities

We expect your group to use these principles of quality service delivery as you offer support, give information, and provide services and activities in your community:

  1. Accessible to all
  2. Safe
  3. Impactful
  4. Professionally delivered
  5. Regularly monitored, evaluated and improved
  6. Services and activities on the Portal
  7. Need support?

Accessible to all

Depending on the service, accessibility could mean that a venue has disabled parking spaces and toilets, or that a service is available by phone as well as face to face. Accessibility also means making sure a service is widely publicised and that transport is available, if required.

  1. Find out how to raise awareness of your services

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We share a responsibility for the health, safety and wellbeing of all staff and volunteers who work with us, people using our services, and anyone else affected by what we do. Ensuring we all understand and use our health and safety, safeguarding and personal care, safeguarding policies helps us to do this.

  1. Read more about keeping everyone safe

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The impact of a service is the difference it makes to people who use it. From time to time, we will ask you to help us measure the impact of your services.

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Professionally delivered

You will need to ensure that some services are delivered by an individual or organisation that is qualified, insured and registered with the appropriate professional body. Our service level agreement (SLA) template will support you to do this.

  1. Find out more about setting up a Service Level Agreement

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Regularly monitored, evaluated and improved

Monitoring and evaluating our services is about what we do and who we reach. This could be the register completed by a volunteer at a social get-together, or demographic information gathered by a service provider about the people using a clinical service. This all helps your group to plan, budget and develop the services you offer locally.

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Services and activities on the Portal

The ‘services and activities’ tab on the Portal is our record of all services, activities and events delivered by MS Society groups throughout the UK.

We expect your Coordinating Team to add, review and edit the information held about your group's services, activities and events on the Portal annually, but also if anything changes in between reviews (so your information is kept up to date).

We’ll use this record to promote local services on our website and confirm that the appropriate level of risk management has been completed.

  1. Find out more about Using the Portal

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Need support?

Your Local Networks Officer is here to support your group to develop services and activities that meet the needs of your MS community.

  1. Get contact details for your Local Networks Officer

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