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Finance Team

Our Finance Team is here to support your group to raise, spend, hold and account for funds and assets under your control, in line with our policies and rules, and external legislation.

See Group Handbook B4: Managing your finances

Finance Support Team

Contact our Finance Support Team for day to day finance support. Our Accountants (Volunteer Groups) are available to all group volunteers to answer questions about your group finances.

Finance Support Team
Phone: 020 8827 0304
Email: [email protected]

Other Finance Team contacts

Occasionally, you’ll need to speak to another member of the Finance Team about a specific financial matter.

Head of Finance (oversees our Finance Team)
Phone: 0208 428 0775
Email: [email protected]

Group Financial Controller (prepares our Annual Report and Accounts)
Phone: 0208 438 0824
Email: [email protected]

Senior Accountant – Volunteer Groups (oversees our Finance Support Team)
Phone: 0208 438 0779
Email: [email protected]

Purchase Ledger Officer (provides support for purchase ledger queries)
Phone: 0208 438 0784
Email: [email protected]

Treasury Officer (provides support for banking issues)
Phone: 0203 828 6863
Email: [email protected]

Legacy Team (ensures we handle legacies correctly)
Phone: 0208 438 0763
Email: [email protected]

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