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Financial records, reports and controls

We have a range of tools and resources to support your group to record and report on your financial transactions, and safeguard the funds and assets under your control against fraud and financial mismanagement.

See Group Handbook B4: Managing your finances

  1. Online Accounting
  2. Producing financial reports
  3. Control of group funds
  4. Fraud and financial mismanagement
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Online Accounting

If your MS Society group handles money, you must use our Online Accounting system to record financial transactions.

Your bank statement is uploaded to Online Accounting on at least a weekly basis and your Finance Volunteer is responsible for allocating each line to the appropriate receipt or payment category.

To ensure your Coordinating Team has access to current information, we expect your new transactions to be allocated at least once a month.

  1. Learn more about Using Online Accounting

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Producing financial reports

As a Finance Volunteer, you have full access to your group’s transaction details in Online Accounting.

All members of your Coordinating Team can use Online Accounting and produce a range of reports that can be exported in PDF or Excel format for review during or between team meetings.

  1. See our guidance on how your Coordinating Team should operate

Storing financial data

Online Accounting enables you to safely store financial data relating to individuals. You must retain and securely store any other financial data held by your group for seven years to meet HMRC requirements.

  1. Find out more about Handling data

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Control of group funds

Good financial controls are important to ensure:

  • Funds are used solely for the benefit of people affected by MS
  • Volunteers are protected against allegations of fraud and misuse of funds
  • All funds belonging to your group are received by the group
  • Funds are properly safeguarded and never used in a way that would bring the MS Society into disrepute

MS Society financial rules for groups

Each year, your Group Coordinator and Finance Volunteer must review and sign off our MS Society financial rules for groups and submit it to our Finance Team by 31 January.

If you answer ‘don't comply’ to any rule on the list, you must include the reason/s why when you submit it.

  1. Download our MS Society financial rules for groups

Internal audit

Internal audit is a function of the Audit, Risk and Finance Committee, reporting to our Board of Trustees. It performs financial and non-financial audits throughout the MS Society, looking at our procedures, processes, systems, financial controls and risks.

We expect you to cooperate with our auditors and provide any information they may request.

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Fraud and financial mismanagement

We all share responsibility for recognising, reporting and protecting against fraud and financial mismanagement.

Reporting concerns

If you are concerned about fraud or financial mismanagement, contact a member of our Finance Team or an MS Society Director immediately for support.

For more information on reporting fraud or financial mismanagement, download our Whistleblowing Policy or request a copy of our Anti-Fraud Policy.

  1. See our Policies and documents

Email correspondence

Do not reply to any email correspondence from a bank (including Barclays). Forward these to our Treasury Officer.

  1. Get contact details for our Treasury Officer

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Need support?

Finance Support Team

Our Finance Support Team is available to all group volunteers to answer questions about group finances.

  1. Get contact details for our Finance Support Team

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