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Our property risk management system

Our risk management system meets legal minimum standards to keep you, your members and visitors safe. The system also helps protect the MS Society financially - and you from personal liability.

Risk assessments

The purpose of risk assessment is to:

  • show all the foreseeable risks that could be found in a particular situation
  • determine the level of risk
  • develop control measures that can be put in place to avoid these risks

Your group must carry out risk assessments if you have property that is owned by the MS Society, or where the lease or rental agreement indicates you have upkeep and maintenance responsibilities.

The MS Society property risk assessment outlines the specific hazards and controls the MS Society needs in order to satisfy the law and protect our volunteers, employees and service users

  1. VPRA: 101 - Property risk assessment (general)

Property risk assessments

Follow the links to access risk assessments and all supporting documents for each type of property you have.

  1. Day centres
  2. Garages
  3. Shops

Useful information

Your building must have a completed asbestos survey on site. If the building has has asbestos you will need to develop a management plan, the guide below will help you do this: :

  1. HSV: 115 - Asbestos management plan

If there is a risk of legionella disease in the water systems of your building you need to ensure a legionella risk assessment has been completed and use this to develop a log book. The guide below will help you do this: :

  1. HSV: 119 - Legionnaire disease log book

For guidance on what to do if the HSE contact you go to:

  1. HSV: 5001 - HSE process

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