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Using MS Society email

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  1. What is MS Society email?
  2. Why use MS Society email?
  3. How does MS Society email work?
  4. Who can use MS Society email?
  5. Getting started
  6. Need support?

What is MS Society email?

MS Society email is your group’s official ‘’ email address. We expect you to use MS Society email when you send, receive and store email communications on our behalf.

See Group Handbook A2: Requirements, support, tools and resources

If your group offers MS Support, you also have a ‘’ email address we want you to use.

  1. Learn how we offer MS Support

Why use MS Society email?

Being easy to contact by email has become an important way to support people affected by MS. It enables people to use screen reader software to access information in a way that suits them. It lets people know they have a local group to turn to and makes it possible for us to keep in touch with people who aren’t able to attend our meetings or events.

  1. Find out more about the Contact methods we use

Local identity

Your MS Society email address includes the name of your group (for example, ‘’), letting people know that the MS Society has a local presence. Using MS Society email when you communicate with members and supporters is a great way to reinforce your place in the community.

If your group offers MS Support, using your email address will let people know their enquiry will be dealt with by a volunteer with the skills and experience to help them.

Data protection

The Data Protection Act means we are legally required to ensure that the personal data we hold about the people who use MS Society services, our members, volunteers and staff is accurate, used appropriately, stored securely and not kept longer than is necessary.

Data protection guidance is there to keep us all safe. When you use MS Society email, your volunteers never have to publicise their personal email addresses. This protects their safety and security, both during and after their time volunteering with us.

  1. See our data protection Email rules

How does the MS Society email work?

Outlook Web Access is a platform that enables us all to remotely link to the MS Society email system and send professional, branded communications.

Every MS Society email you send includes an auto-signature that includes your group name and contact details. And of course, it features our distinctive branding, reinforcing that we are all part of one MS Society with shared values and goals.

Your MS Society email inbox features an address list you can use to store contact details for your volunteer team members, MS Society staff and other MS groups; once you've added them, just click on a name to send an email. You can also add supporters to your address list so you can keep in touch with them. There's no need to add members - simply download a list from the Portal whenever you need to, and copy and paste it into the ‘bcc’ field (blind carbon copy).

  1. Find out more about using the Portal

Who can use MS Society email?

You can set up two or three authorised users on MS Society email, meaning people continue to enjoy great support when one of your team needs to take a break, steps down or changes role. Or, you may simply prefer to share the task of managing MS Society email between several volunteers. Either way, let the Supporter Care Team know so they can update our records.

Getting started

  1. Log in to your MS Society email account

Your MS Society email account has a shared password. Before your group uses MS Society email for the first time, contact the Supporter Care Team be sent your password.

IT requirements

To use MS Society email, you need the following:

  • A computer with internet access
  • Your MS Society email address and password

Need support?

The Supporter Care Team is your key contact for MS Society email; they can answer your queries, maintain your list of authorised users and help with data protection.

  1. Get contact details for the Supporter Care Team

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