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What does the online shop stock?

The online shop stocks both MS Society information resources and fundraising/merchandising materials.

Information resources

You might just want to order for your own use, but you can also order resources to pass on to people affected by MS, and for all sorts of events. Information resources are free, and there is no charge for postage.

  1. Download our regularly updated key publications list, showing reference codes and latest version dates.

Fundraising materials

MS Society groups can order our core MS Society fundraising materials from the online shop without cost. This includes the most popular MS Society merchandise such as t-shirts and pens, as well as those items that keep your fundraising legal, like collection tins and collector authorisation cards.

  1. Find our more about our free fundraising materials for MS Society groups

Other materials must be paid for.

Placing an order

  1. Online - this is the most efficient and cost-effective way of ordering. Go direct to the online shop
  2. Phone - if you are unable to use the internet, you can order small numbers of information publications by contacting our Supporter Care Team on 0300 500 8084

Anyone can use the online shop to order a copy of any information resources they wish. They can also order MS Society branded materials and pay for them by personal credit card. Individuals can choose whether or not to register their details.

MS Society group accounts

All MS Society groups have two accounts which allow you to place orders - one for support and one for activity, such as fundraising.

Details of the your accounts have been sent to your MS Society email address. If you do not have them for your group, please check with your fellow volunteers.

If, after that, you still need help or information, please contact us (see below).


All orders for merchandise and fundraising materials must be authorised before they can be released. Your group account will be charged for its shop orders at the end of the quarter.

You can authorise a whole order in one go by using the ‘status update’ section at the top of the order summary screen.



Orders are processed on the day following the day you place an order. Delivery should be within 5 working days. Contact us if you do not receive your order within this time.

Your group may want to keep a small stock of frequently requested items, such as collecting tins and seals, t-shirts, sponsor forms and balloons.

Third party deliveries

You can have any order delivered to a different address. Simply type the new address over the existing one on the ‘Delivery details’ screen. You can also save the new address for future use.

Named date deliveries

Please contact us if you need a delivery by or at a particular time. Please also put a note in the ‘Special delivery instructions’ box.

Need support?

  1. See our online shop frequently asked questions
  2. Email -
  3. Call 020 8438 0999

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