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Using our Online Shop

Our existing Online Shop will close on 24 December 2018. Find out more here.

  1. What is the Online Shop?
  2. Why use our Online Shop?
  3. What's changing?
  4. Need support?

1. What is the Online Shop?

Our Online Shop is your one-stop shop for everything MS Society – from our award winning information resources to branded merchandise to create a great impression when you’re fundraising, campaigning and raising awareness.

See Group Handbook A2: Requirements, support, tools and resources

2. Why use our Online Shop?

Giving quality information

We want everyone affected by MS to have easy access to the latest evidence based information and specialist support.

You might just want to order for your own use, but you can also order resources to pass on to people affected by MS, and for all sorts of events. Information resources are free to order from our Online Shop, and there is no charge for postage.

  1. Download our regularly updated Key Publications List, showing reference codes and latest version dates.

Using our brand

When you use our branded materials, you help people build recognition of the MS Society brand. Whenever you represent us, we want you to use up to date branded materials to demonstrate that we are a forward thinking and professional organisation.

  1. Find out more about Using our brand
  2. Read our guidance on Representing the MS Society

Free fundraising merchandise

MS Society groups can order our core MS Society fundraising materials from the Online Shop without cost. This includes the most popular MS Society merchandise such as t-shirts and pens, as well as those items that keep your fundraising legal, like collection tins and collector authorisation cards.

  1. Find out more about our free fundraising materials for MS Society groups

Other materials must be paid for.

3. What's changing?

We're in the process of replacing our current Online Shop

To allow us to move all of our shop materials, and build and test the new ordering system, we will be closing the Online Shop from 12pm on 24 December 2018. The estimated date for the new shop to be online is January 14 2019.

During the closure, the system will be unavailable, therefore there will be no facility to order any items, until the new shop services are available.

  1. Find out more about our Online Shop closure

4. Need support?

Contact the Supporter Care Team with any Online Shop queries.

  1. Get contact details for our Supporter Care Team

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