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How to follow up your event

Once your event has taken place, the hard work is nearly over – there are just a few things you should do to follow-up.

See Group Handbook B1: Availability, contact and communication

  1. Thanking everyone
  2. Evaluating your event
  3. How long should we keep information about people who attended our event?

Thanking everyone

A meaningful way to say thank you is with a thank you letter. You could write one to:

  • Volunteers who helped on the day
  • Volunteers or local people who helped plan the day
  • The venue
  • Any speakers or special guests
  1. Download our Event thank you letter template
  2. Copy and paste the contents onto one of our Letterhead templates

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Evaluating your event

To help you evaluate the success of your event and plan future events, you should write a feedback report that includes:

  • The number of attendees
  • If registering attendees, the number of people who registered versus the number who actually attended
  • Results and statistics collected from feedback questionnaires

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How long should we keep information about people who attended our event?

You must retain personal information such as attendance lists and routine correspondence to and from individuals about events for one year following the event.

  1. See How long should we keep personal data?

Using MS Society email

Your group MS Society email includes a secure storage space where you can keep personal information safely.

  1. Find out more about Using MS Society email

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