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Publicising your event

It’s vital to publicise your event to make sure that members, supporters and other people in your local area know what’s happening and are inspired to get involved.

See Group Handbook B1: Availability, contact and communication

  1. Invite people to attend
  2. Create a poster
  3. Online promotion
  4. Send out a press release
  5. Contact local MS professionals

Invite people to attend

Send an invitation

Invite people to attend your event by sending them a letter of invitation.

  1. Download our Event invitation letter template
  2. Copy and paste the contents onto one of our Letterhead templates

Invite them by email

Using MS Society email is a cost effective way to invite people to attend your event. It also ensures your communication looks professional and meets our data requirements.

  1. Learn more about Using MS Society email

Data Statement

If you ask people to RSVP to your event or confirm access requirements, you must include a Data Statement and link to our Privacy Notice with your request for personal information.

  1. Find out how to create a Data Statement

Using member and contact data

Your group must use the Portal to access data about our members and other contacts. This will ensure that we only use up to date information about people who have agreed to be contacted by us.

  1. Learn about Using the Portal

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Create a poster

A poster is a great way to promote your event locally. Ask if you can display it at local doctors’ surgeries, libraries or other community locations.

Using MS Society Designs

MS Society Designs enables your group to produce posters and other promotional materials from our range of branded templates with space for your event details.

MS Society Designs includes a bank of images with consent already on file. You can use these images with confidence that they meet our data requirements.

  1. Learn more about Using MS Society Designs

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Online promotion

Promoting your event online is a great way to reach people who may not already know about your group. You can add information about your event to your group’s MS Society web pages and post about it on social media.

  1. Find our more about Online promotion

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Send out a press release

Press releases can be used to tell local media about your event. Often a friendly phone call is enough, but a press release can be useful if your chosen media outlet requests one or you want to contact a lot of different people in a short space of time.

To help you write a press release, we’ve put together some easy to use templates.

  1. Download one of our Press release templates

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Contact local professionals

Your local MS nurse and other MS professionals may agree to work with you to share information about your event with the local MS community.

  1. Find out more about Key local services we work alongside

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