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Garage/ storage space - risk assessment

Our property risk management system ensures that you can provide a safe and legal environment for members and visitors at MS Society properties. Where a Garage owned, rented or leased by the MS Society, is used for vehicles or as a storage space for the group, a risk assessment must be completed by an appropriate person (known as the ‘responsible person’).

If you rent or hire a managed storage unit, you are not responsible for risk management, but need to ensure you follow the rules put in place by the landlord.


By using the documents below you will be able to meet your legal obligations and keep your volunteers safe in your garage or storage space.

Any group wishing to use their garage must follow the social distancing and hygiene requirments set out by the Government's COVID legislation.

Specific risk assessment

Complete the following risk assessment for your garage/ storage space

  1. VPRA: 501A (-505A) - Garage/ storage space risk assessment

Emergency forms and information

Ensure you have copies of insurance documents and familiarise yourself with our accident and incident recording and reporting processes, and emergency notices.

  1. Public and Employers liability insurance
  2. HSV: 122 - Accident report form
  3. HSV: 123 - Incident report form
  4. HSV: 124 - Emergency aid notice
  5. HSV: 125 - Fire and emergency safety plan


The risk assessment includes checklists - you can download them here:

  1. HSV: 112 - Safety checklist - garage
  2. HSV: 113 - Property defect report form - garage
  3. HSV: 114 - Competent person checks - garage
  4. HSV: 117 - Ladders - detailed visual inspection
  5. HSV: 118 - Building condition form


Induction forms can be found here:

  1. HSV: 132 - Property induction form - garage
  2. HSV: 132A - Property induction form - young person
  3. HSV: 132B - Property induction form - vulnerable adult
  4. HSV: 132C - Property induction form - pregnant workers
  5. HSV: 132D - Property induction form - contractor

Additional guidance

  1. HSV: 141 - Manual handling risk assessment
  2. HSV: 146 - Safe lifting and carrying poster
  3. HSV: 147 - Safe use of stepladders poster
  4. HSV: 148 - Your safety matters poster
  5. New hazard symbols
  6. Old hazard symbols

Need support?

In the first instance email:

  1. [email protected]

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