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Important things to consider

As well as coordinating your application to avoid duplicate approaches to the same funder, there are some other important considerations before applying.

  • Be sure you are eligible for a grant and the funder can give the amount you are applying for

  • Check that you can provide everything they ask for as part of the application process

  • Be clear about what sort of funding you can ask for. If possible, apply for general (unrestricted) funding as you can spend this on any branch costs. Trusts will often only want to fund specific projects - this is known as restricted funding

  • Plan ahead – some trusts only meet to consider applications once or twice a year

If a trust has a website, it will often include application guidelines. The Charity Commission or OSCR (in Scotland) have information about charities’ aims (known as objects), beneficiary groups, and financial summaries. Charity Commission has links to the trust’s annual accounts, if they’re required to submit them, which can be a valuable source of information.

If you’re unsure about your project’s eligibility, contact the trust. If a telephone number or email address is listed in the relevant directory, they will usually be happy to discuss a potential application. Bear in mind that many trusts do not have dedicated premises and the listed number could be a trustee’s home or work place.

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