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Funding your branch grantmaking programme

Applying to charitable trusts and foundations is an excellent way to help fund your branch grantmaking programme. Although researching and writing grant applications may feel time consuming, the possible returns on this investment make it a worthwhile use of branch time.

Trusts tend to prefer specific projects, so you are more likely to be successful applying for funding for your grantmaking programme than for general branch running costs.

Resources to help you make an application

We’ve developed a range of resources your branch can use to make more and better applications to charitable trusts and foundations to help fund your branch grantmaking programme.

Typical questions a trust might ask

Questions may be phrased slightly differently, but do tend to want answers to the following:

  • Who is the branch?
  • What does the branch do?
  • What is your project?
  • How do you know there is a need for it?
  • Why are you the best people to solve this need?
  • What will it cost?
  • How will you know if you have been successful?

We've answered lots of these questions for you.

  1. See our typical questions a trust might ask about branch grantmaking here.

Letter templates

You will either need to complete an application form and attach a brief covering letter or write an application letter answering the questions you've been asked. You can copy one of these example letters onto your MS Society branch letter template:

  1. Download a covering letter template
  2. Download an application letter template

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