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Who to involve

Grantmaking trusts and foundations

Grantmaking trusts and foundations exist solely to make grants to meet their agreed charitable purposes – which may be general or specific. Many are charities themselves, run on a voluntary basis by a board of trustees. They vary enormously in size, interests and the way they operate. In short, there is no such thing as a typical trust.

Coordinating your application

You can apply to any local trust or foundation where the MS Society is not able to apply nationally. It’s important to coordinate your application with us as most trusts only consider one application from the same charity at a time and more than one branch may be eligible to apply.

  1. Check with your Area Fundraiser in England, Scotland or Wales
  2. Email the Northern Ireland fundraising team at [email protected]

Before approaching local authorities or health bodies, you’ll need to speak to your Local Networks Officer as we’re likely to already be in contact with them.

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